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BRI Youth Group delegates responsibilities to different sections of its leadership, guided by its advisory group. The cabinet is responsible for the management and decision-making related to its internal and external affairs. These are the six departments:


Human Resources (HR)

Recruitment and training of BRI youth group members, recording and verification of members’ volunteer work hours, application for President’s Volunteer Award, and assessment of volunteer performance.

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BRI Youth Departments

Meet The Cabinet


Skylar Qian


Skylar is a senior at The King's Academy. She enjoys to dance and bake in her free time. She also loves to serve her community through BRI.


Fiona Tsang


Fiona is a senior and joined BRI in 2020. She enjoys teaching younger students, organizing and hosting concerts, and producing videos.

Gabriel Rao_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Gabriel Rao

Vice President

Gabriel is a senior at Dublin High School. He loves teaching the younger generation especially through writing and chess.


Katherine Liang

English Director

Katherine is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. She has been teaching reading classes at BRI and has a passion for helping students learn.

Daniel Yang.jpg

Daniel Yang

English Director

Daniel is a senior at Monta Vista High School and he enjoys teaching kids, playing video games, and having fun with his friends

0389374C-DDBE-4A6F-91DA-CCB6CBB41309 - Karen Y.jpeg

Eleanor Zhang

English Director

Eleanor is a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. She is passionate about teaching and is an active participant of BRI activities.

Yunshan Li_李昀珊.jpeg

Sophia Li

Math & Science Director

Sophia is a senior at American High school who has a passion for helping others. She loves to work with children.


Jack Yin

Math & Science Senior Director

Jack is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. He also enjoys playing badminton and teaching math and has qualified for JMO/AMO.


Ken Mori

Computer Science Director

Ken is a senior at the King's Academy and has been teaching Python and Java 1 and 2 since 2020. He enjoys basketball, tennis, and photography.

图片1 (3).png

Kevin Sheng

Math & Science Director

Kevin is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He competes in USACO Gold and is also a manager of the USACO Guide.

F539B551-0B93-4B7C-92C5-935AEF4D6D3A - Yan zhu.jpeg

Angelina Zhao

Math & Science Director

Angelina is a sophomore at Valley Christian High School. She loves to dance, read and play the flute. As a hobby of hers, she also enjoys teaching art.

Rachel Bao_edited.jpg

Rachel Bao

FCSN Director

Rachel is a senior at Washington High School. She loves working with children, serving her community, reading, drawing, and playing the piano.


Yinuo Chen

FCSN Director

Yinuo Chen is a senior at Washington High. He enjoys working with kids and spreading his knowledge and experiences to them.

5D6615F3-7B39-45CF-8C4F-5CF9275B74BF - Wenbin Peng.jpeg

Michael Peng

FCSN Director

Michael is a sophomore at Washington High School. He is the assistant teacher for the scratch class.

File_000 - Breanna Lu.jpeg

Breanna Lu

HR Director

Breanna Lu is a junior at Leland High School. She loves to volunteer, listen to music, eat spicy food, and play sports.


Trinity Lee

HR Director

Trinity is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys playing piano and violin. Her favorite sport is swimming.


Jolina Hor

Publicity Director

Jolina is a senior at Milpitas High School. She enjoys baking, graphic designing, and serving the community.

593F0D09-9DED-42AB-A50E-E36EC5D4E242 - Vivian Hor.jpeg

Vivian Hor

Publicity Director

Vivian is a sophomore at Milpitas High School. She enjoys baking, crocheting, traveling, and serving the community.


Hengrui Liang

IT director

Hengrui is a Junior attending Lynbrook High School. He loves going out with friends, gaming, and playing tennis.


Susanna Tang

IT Director

Susanna is a junior at Lynbrook High School. She enjoys web development, photography, and browsing minimalist desk setups.

Alex Han_edited.jpg

Alex Han

Finance Director

Alex is a sophomore at Wakeland High School. He likes to play video games, swim, and play his band tunes in his free time.


Anne Zhou

Public Relations Director

Anne Zhou is a senior at The King's Academy. She enjoys swimming, playing tennis, and serving the community.


Weiwei Xiang

Public Relations Director

Weiwei is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. She manages the community cleaning-up & bottle-recycling project, and loves attending events and serving her community.

图片1 (4).png

Michelle Zhou

Public Relations Event Manager

Michelle Zhou is a senior at Miramonte High School and has been apart of BRI since her freshman year. She enjoys teaching young students and serving her community through BRI events.

Raymond Qian.jpg

Raymond Qian

Advisory Board

Raymond is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School. His favorite subjects are math and physics. He first started working with BRI helping out with the pandemic response. He has had previous experience as a tutor, which inspired him to help younger students during the shelter in place.


Angela Tsang

Advisory Board

Angela Tsang is a graduate of Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California. An avid solo, chamber, and orchestra musician, she is committed to bringing music to the community. In addition, she loves math and biology, and she hopes to pursue music and computer science in college.


Heidi Wang

Advisory Board

Heidi Wang is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys reading and practicing wushu. She has done volunteer work for many years. She started several projects to help health workers and other people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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