BRI Youth Group delegates responsibilities to different sections of its leadership, guided by its advisory group. The cabinet is responsible for the management and decision-making related to its internal and external affairs. These are the six departments:


Human Resources (HR)

Recruitment and training of BRI youth group members, recording and verification of members’ volunteer work hours, application for President’s Volunteer Award, and assessment of volunteer performance.

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BRI Youth Departments

Meet The Cabinet


Heidi Wang


Heidi Wang is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys reading and practicing wushu. She has done volunteer work for many years. She started several projects to help health workers and other people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sean Lin_edited.jpg

Sean Linn


Sean Linn is a senior attending Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California.


Rick Wang

English Senior Director

Rick Wang is currently a senior at Foothill High School. He currently teaches grade 3 reading.


Kate Smith

English Senior Director

Kate is currently a junior in high school and she attends The King's Academy. She is currently working alongside BRI's english department, and teaching dance through Zoom with BRI. 

Gabriel Rao_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Gabriel Rao

English Department

Gabriel is a junior at Dublin High School. He loves interacting with the younger generation especially through writing and reading. 


Katherine Liang

English Department

Katherine Liang is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. She has been teaching reading classes at BRI and has a passion for helping students learn.

Nick Ma.png

Nick Ma

Math & Science Senior Director

Nick Ma is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He is interested in STEM, particularly math and computer science. He hopes to give back to the community by sharing his love for STEM.

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Austin Li

Math & Science Senior Director

Austin is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He is mostly interested in STEM, and has qualified for AIME as well as USAPHO. His hobbies include reading, playing video games, and going outside in general.

Edison Liu_edited.jpg

Edison Liu

Math & Science Director

   Edison Liu is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. He loves teaching and has a strong passion for math and biology. He likes to run, play basketball, and play piano in his free time.

Yunshan Li_李昀珊.jpeg

Sophia Li

Math & Science Director

Sophia is a junior at American High school who has a passion for helping others. She loves to work with children and has great experiences in interacting with kids in many parts of the world to share her knowledge in math and English with them.

Maxine Wu (1).jpg

Maxine Wu

CS Senior Director

Maxine Wu is a senior at American High School. She is passionate about spreading math and technology to the community. In her free time, she enjoys singing and working out.


Jack Peng

CS Senior Director

Jack is currently a senior attending Washington High School. He is the co-director of the computer science department at BRI, and teaches the 3D printing and robotics class.


Ken Mori

CS Director

Ken Mori is a junior at the King's Academy. His extracurriculars include robotics, tennis, coding, and photography. He is very eager to teach at Briyouth.

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Alex Chen

CS Director

Alex Chen is a junior in BASIS Independent Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. He is currently working along with BRI's Computer Science department and is teaching the Scratch class.


Rina Xu

Arts Senior Director

Rina Xu is currently a senior at Brentwood High School, located in Brentwood, Tennessee. She's honored to be a part of the Youth Cabinet, and sincerely hopes that the kids in the program continue to enjoy learning. 


Franklin Zhang

Arts Senior Director

Franklin is a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose. He enjoys writing with fountain pens and practicing Excel. He thinks you would be a great fit for his World History class. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Fiona Tsang

Arts Director

Fiona Tsang, a junior, joined BRI Youth during the summer of 2020. She is currently the Arts Department Director, and she enjoys teaching younger students, organizing and hosting concerts, and producing audio and videos.

Ethan Zuo_edited.jpg

Ethan Zuo

Arts Director

Ethan Zuo is currently a rising sophomore at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, and has been teaching Debate at BRI for 1 year. He is a member of Bellarmine Speech and Debate, and is a software writer and designer for the robotics team. He has finaled many times in forensics at various tournaments. 

Edward Zou.jpg

Edward Zou

Publicity Senior Director

Eddie Zou is a senior at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California. He has qualified for the AIME twice for the AMC 10 and received Honor Roll of Distinction for the AMC. He has also taught various summer courses including robotics and math.


Calvin Zhang

Publicity Senior Director

Calvin Zhang is a senior attending Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California. He has been participating in numerous social activities. He taught various courses over the last summer, and he is currently teaching grade 4 math.


Jolina Hor

Publicity Director

Jolina Hor is a junior at Milpitas High School.  She enjoys baking, graphic designing, and serving the community.  


Jason Qin

International Education Director

Jason is a Junior in Mission San Jose High school. As the director of the international department, he's responsible for the online classes held between teachers and students in China as well as the class materials used in the lessons. 


Skylar Qian

Public Relations Senior Director

Skylar Qian is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. She enjoys dancing and crafts along with serving the community.


Anne Zhou

Public Relations Director

Anne Zhou is a junior at The King's Academy. She enjoys swimming and playing tennis - as well as serving the community. 

20201130_231436 - jane zhu.jpg

Edmond Hsu

Event Manager

AFF0B70A-149B-4B32-9A0E-527CEAB910A1 - Isabelle Ip.jpeg

Leyna Chan

Event Manager

Leyna will be a high school sophomore in the 2021-22 school year. She enjoys teaching as well as learning, and her favorite topics are English, psychology, and art.

RichardZhang (1).JPG

Richard Zhang

Finance Senior Director

Richard Zhang is a senior at Mission San Jose High School.

Alex Han_edited.jpg

Alex Han

Finance Director

Alex Han is a freshman at Mission San Jose High. . 

Rachel Bao_edited.jpg

Rachel Bao

BRI-FCSN Club Director

Rachel Bao is a junior at Washington High School. She loves working with children in various subjects and serving her community. Additionally, she likes reading, drawing, and learning.


Justin Fan

IT Senior Director

Justin Fan is a senior attending Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California. 


Hengrui Liang

IT Director

Hengrui Liang is a sophomore attending Lynbrook High School. He loves tennis, programming, and gaming. He currently teaches English and Reading classes for Briyouth.


Trinity Lee

HR director

Trinity Lee is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. She is the Publicist and Activities Coordinator of MSJ Impromptu and enjoys playing piano and violin. She tutors piano under the BRI curriculum, as well as teaches music theory. 

File_000 - Breanna Lu.jpeg

Breanna Lu

HR director

Breanna Lu is a sophomore attending Leland High School. She loves to volunteer in her community, listen to music, eat spicy food, and play sports. She currently teaches writing and is part of her school's Journalism board.

Raymond Qian.jpg

Raymond Qian

Advisory Board

Raymond is a graduate of Mission San Jose High School. His favorite subjects are math and physics. He first started working with BRI helping out with the pandemic response. He has had previous experience as a tutor, which inspired him to help younger students during the shelter in place.


Angela Tsang

Advisory Board

Angela Tsang is a graduate of Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California. An avid solo, chamber, and orchestra musician, she is committed to bringing music to the community. In addition, she loves math and biology, and she hopes to pursue music and computer science in college.